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In addition to being a busy and in-demand performer, Paul Mullikin is a patient and dedicated teacher.

"...took to music naturally..."


​Paul enjoyed working with the Littleton Public Schools band program from 2009-2020, and gives piano, guitar, drum set, and percussion lessons from his home studio in DeSoto county, MS.


Having a solid background in jazz, classical, rock, music theory, and composition, he's able to teach with authority on a huge spectrum of musical concepts.


Under his tutelage, students have gained admittance to Denver School of the Arts, Colorado State University, and University of California at Santa Barbara.


So, whether you are just starting in your musical journey, or looking to take your playing to the next level, Paul is well known to be an instructor who will guide you on your path with depth, warmth, and humor.

Contact him today! Time slots are available for both in person and remote lessons.

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